Trail Running Advice from the Top

Advice, tips and what trail running means to some of Singapore’s best

5km, 10km or 100km: the appeal of trail running at any distance is to run free and achieve! With our event hoping to get more people and kids into the sport, some of Singapore’s best runners were happy to share what they love about the sport, and gave advice to those taking on new challenges.

Thanks to last year’s winner Zoe McParlin for her help.


Paulina Svoboda

Winner of TMMT 70k (her first trail race!!)

“Trail is extremely different to road running in the sense that you need to be mentally prepared for anything. You cannot know in advance what will happen, so talking about target times seems vain to me. The adventure is really what attracts me to trail running: I feel that I am tested on how well I deal with surprises even more than how well I trained!”


Nguyen Dang Trung

Second place in 70km Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2018

“Have fun, enjoy nature and have an adventure!! Trail running is a chance to be amongst nature and see different places you might not normally see. So enjoy it, take in the scenery but make sure you also respect it. Turn your normal run into an adventure, trail running is very rarely boring its always changing discover a forgotten tomb or unusual route. That makes the run adventurous, exciting and we don’t feel the burden of running. When one gets tired, just stop for a photo or selfie!”


Evelyn Lek

Winner of TMMT 100km, Cultra 55km & SAFRA 21km 2018

“I always enjoy the feeling when I run. A feeling of just so amazing, beautiful and carefree moment. Feeling the wind fall onto your face, hear the birds, monkeys jumping on trees and the wind through the trees. The sound of your own footsteps. I just putting one foot in front of the other.

All of that stress and thinking just kind of disappears and it’s not just about me, it’s about everything surrounding me. The moment of feeling your soul and your mind, your arm and your legs are in one. Everything working and everything going the way it’s supposed to be. No need to be fast but be adventurous. Rest when your are tired, continue when you’re ok to go. Just need a few like-minded buddies for company. Have fun and always make time to play. Trail running has something so simple and beautiful about it.”


David Stevenson

Second in Cameron Highland Ultra 55km 2018

“Run with others, trail running can be a very social thing. It can be a way of exploring new places and experiences that you wouldn’t normally see. SO grab some friends and enjoy it.

If you’re going on longer routes, be prepared: you might be out on the trails for a long time and the conditions can change or may be different to what you expect. So make sure your bring different supplies like a backpack with electrolytes, headlamp, jacket, water. In some trail races they will require you to have a list of different equipment that they expect you to bring.”