Haze Policy & Procedure For Columbia Jungle Run 2019

At present, the haze readings in Singapore are more elevated than usual and fluctuating near a threshold where physical activity outdoors should be adjusted. We are currently unable to predict what the haze situation will be like on Race Day (6 October).

As an outdoor event targeted at families, we share our participants’ concerns around haze and health and have taken measures to plan for haze. Below is our procedure and policy.

1) Decision-making

A decision to proceed or cancel the event will be made at 6am on Race Day. We will use the NEA’s myENV app and refer to both the 24-hour PSI and 1-hour PM2.5 readings in the area marked “Central”. If either reading is 100 or above, we will cancel Columbia Jungle Run 2019.

If the reading is 99 or below, we will continue to run the event. If the reading exceeds 101 during the event, the race organisers retain the right to terminate the event. If you have health concerns regarding haze, we advise you to exercise your own discretion whether to participate or not.

2) Communication of decision

The decision to proceed or cancel will be communicated just after 6am on Race Day via email, . Please check these before coming to Centaurs Sports Park.

3) If we need to cancel the race due to haze

As stated in our Race Waiver (12.2), we are not able to offer refunds in case of race cancellation. However, the race organisers will be reviewing contingencies.

Please do ensure you check the communication channels at 6am for updates: event Facebook page and our Instagram.